Spectrum Exposed Fastening Systems

Spectrum Exposed Fastening systems are the most common attachment systems for phenolic panels in North America. These systems allow maximum design freedom for projects where budgets are constrained. Rivets or color matched stainless steel screws are used to secure individual panels up to 6” x 12” in size. This system also allows for the use of non-traditional shapes including curves and complex geometrical components.

Precision Engineering

Applicable on sub-frames made of Aluminum or Galvanized Steel

Phenolic panels with a minimum thickness of 5/16 inch* (8 mm) may be fixed onto an aluminum or galvanized steel sub-frame. Fasteners are finished to match the panel and are often not visible for beyond 20”.


Large Scale Facades

Northern Lights Regional Health Center

  • Large Panel format for fast installation. 
  • Large Panel formats used 6” x 12” , 4” x 12“ 2” x 12”
  • ATS -710 Stainless Steel Screws on Galvanized Metal subframe with Adjustable Thermal Clip

Large panel Soffits

Niagara Outlet 

  • Large panel Soffit and Signage with integrated lighting
  • TS 110 – Color matched stainless steel fasteners on aluminum subframe

High Wind Load Environments (Including Hurricane Zone)

Daniel Island Community Centre

  • Oceanfront in North Carolina, Designed for high wind loads.
  • TS 110 – Stainless Steel color matched screws, Aluminum sub-frame (Salt water environment)

When exposed fastening is not desired

LL Bean, Various Locations

  • Used for Storefront Signage.
  • TS -210 Aluminum Clips on Aluminum Substructure
L.L. Bean's Tuscan Village store in Trespa® Meteon® Dark Green
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Exposed Fastening Systems for Phenolic Panels

In the world of architecture and building design, the demand for high-quality, durable and easy-to-maintain materials is unceasing. The exposed fastening system for Phenolic panels is the ideal solution for commercial, retail, and hospital buildings. By choosing these phenomenal systems, architects, contractors, installers, and distributors alike can reap the benefits.

The Power of Phenolic Panels: Leverage the Benefits

Phenolic panels are renowned for their unmatched properties, offering durability, low maintenance, and superior aesthetics. However, when used with an exposed fastening system, these panels become a game-changer.

  • Tailored Application

    From commercial high-rises to retail stores and hospital buildings, the versatility of Phenolic panels with exposed fastening systems stands unparalleled. Their adaptable nature allows for seamless integration into various architectural styles and building types.

  • Unrivaled Durability

    Phenolic panels are designed to withstand the test of time and harsh environmental factors. Coupled with the rigidity of exposed fastening systems, they provide a robust solution that outlasts conventional building materials.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Phenolic panels demand little in terms of maintenance. Their exceptional durability results in fewer replacements, repairs, and overall upkeep efforts, saving your time and resources.

The Exposed Fastening System: Benefits to Contractors and Installers

The exposed fastening system doesn’t just benefit architects and building owners. The easy installation process and reduced maintenance make it favorable for contractors and installers too.

  • Straightforward Installation

    The exposed fastening system simplifies the installation process—no specialized tools or technical skills needed. This not only saves installers valuable time but also reduces the potential for installation errors.

  • Non-Progressive System

    Allows for potential simplified panel replacement.

Key Benefits

  • Simple, economical and flexible fastening system
  • Color matching or accent fasteners
  • Ideal for large format panels, planks, complex geometry
  • Easily adjusts around windows and other complicated geometry
  • Factory fabrication to any size up to 6x12'
  • NFPA 285 and CANL ULC 134 compliant assembly
  • Exposed Fastening Miami-Dade County
  • Florida Product Approval using Class A 10mm panels,
  • FSC® (FSC-C115183) certification

Time to Embrace the Future of Building Design

Step into the future of building design by incorporating Phenolic panels with exposed fastening systems in your next project. With their superior properties and easy installation, you can deliver high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing structures that clients will rave about.

Full Scope Colors

The closed surface of Trespa® TopLab® Vertical practically withstands dirt accumulation, keeping the product smooth and easy to clean.

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