Design Accessible Lockers

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Designing ADA Lockers - Clear Floor Space and Reach

The 2010 ADA Standard must be considered when specifying lockers for your building. You must keep in mind that section 225.2, states that when lockers are provided, 5% or at least one of each locker type shall comply with 811 Storage. The 811 Storage code regulates clear floor and ground space (305), reach ranges (308), and operable parts (309).

Locker Hardware for ADA Standards

Hardware that requires simultaneous hand and finger movements require greater dexterity and coordination, is not recommended.

Benches that Meet ADA Standards

As defined in 2010 ADA Standards, if the bench is not against a wall it requires back support as stated in 903.4. Back Support shall be 42” (1065mm) long min. and shall extend from a point 2” (51mm) max. above the seat surface to a point 18” (455mm) min. above the seat surface. Back support shall be 2½” (64mm) max. from the rear edge of the seat measured horizontally.

Note: 304.3 deems that the turning space shall be a space of 60” (1525mm) diameter min. and when benches are installed in wet locations, the surface of the seat shall be slip resistant and shall not accumulate water, 903.7.


You should still review you local building codes and accessibility standards when specifying lockers and benches. In addition, some of these requirements are a part of the ANSI 11 7.1 2009 building code.

Download PDF of 2010 ADA Standards

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